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May 21 -  Lexington, VA to Toronto, ON area

May 23 - Toronto, ON to Fraser Valley. (FULL)

May 29 - Fraser Valley to Vancouver Island (FULL)

May 29 - Vancouver Island to Fraser Valley


Plan Ahead!

June 3.   Vancouver, BC to Calgary, AB
June 4.   Calgary to Eastern Canada/USA
June 9.   Return to Vancouver, BC

June 14.  Vancouver, BC to Whitehorse & Alaska
June 18.  Return

June 22-23.   Billings, MT Auction (connect anywhere)

June 28.  Vancouver, BC to Eastern Canada/USA


Plan Ahead!

July 3.  Eastern US/Canada to Vancouver, BC

July 9.  Vancouver, BC to Whitehorse/Alaska
July 14. Return

Still building the schedule.....

September Schedule

Plan Ahead!

Mid September Alaska to Ontario with connection to New York