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August Schedule

Plan Ahead!

Aug 1.  Prince George to Fraser Valley

Aug 9. Seattle  

Aug 10. Going to Vancouver Island
Aug 11.   Leaving Vancouver Island

Aug 13.  Fraser Valley to Calgary
Aug 14.  Calgary to Okanagan
Aug 15.  Okanagan to Fraser Valley
Aug 16.  Vancouver Island
Aug 17.   Prince George

Aug 29.  Fraser Valley to Merritt / Return
Aug 29.  Bellingham, WA / Return

Aug 30.  Fraser Valley to  Vancouver Island


Sept 3.   Vancouver Island to Fraser Valley &
                 Olympia, WA

Sept 5.   Fraser Valley to Okanagan
Sept 6.   Okanagan to Prince George/Fort St.                   John/Dawson Creek
Sept 7.   Dawson Creek to Fraser Valley
Sept 8.   Fraser Valley to Vancouver Island
Sept 9.   Vancouver Island to Fraser Valley

Sept 10.  Fraser Valley to Calgary / Red Deer
Sept 11.   Red Deer to Fraser Valley
Sept 12.   Fraser Valley to Vancouver Island/Return

Sept 15.   Fraser Valley to Cache Creek / Edmonton
Sept 16.   Edmonton to Calgary
Sept 17.   Calgary to Fraser Valley
Sept 18.  Fraser Valley to Vancouver Is. / Return

Sept 19 - 30 still in progress.....



Oct 1.   Vancouver, BC to Houston, TX.

Oct 7.  Richmond, VA to Vancouver, BC.  

Mid month - FLORIDA

Oct 29.  Fraser Valley to AB / SK
Oct 31.   Return to Fraser Valley