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Plan Ahead!

July 1.    Fraser Valley to Edmonton
July 2.   Edmonton to Cranbrook/Creston
July 3.  Cranbrook/Creston to Fraser Valley
July 4.  Fraser Valley to Vancouver Island/Return

July 5. Fraser Valley to Okanagan
July 6. Okanagan to Fraser Valley

July 9.   Fraser Valley to Squamish / Return

July 10.  Fraser Valley to Okanagan (full)
July 10.  Okanagan to Calgary
July 11.   Calgary to Medford, OR (full)
July 12.  Medford, OR to Fraser Valley

July 14.  Fraser Valley to Alberta
July 15.  Calgary to Medford, OR
July 17.  Return

July 21.  Fraser Valley to Okanagan / Return

July 22.  Fraser Valley to Van Isle / Return

July 23.  Fraser Valley to Edmonton / Calgary
July 24.  Return
July 25.  Fraser Valley to Van Isle / Return

July 27.  Fraser Valley to Harris, SK
July 28.  Return

July 30. Lower Mainland to Vancouver Island/Return
July 31. Lower Mainland to Prince George 

August Schedule

Plan Ahead!

Aug 1.  Prince George to Fraser Valley

Aug 3.  Fraser Valley to Saskatoon, SK
Aug 4.  Saskatoon, SK to Calgary, AB
Aug 5.  Calgary to Fraser Valley          
Aug 6.  Fraser Valley to Vancouver Island / Return  

Aug 12.  Depart Fraser Valley for Nova Scotia
Aug 19.  Depart Nova Scotia for Fraser Valley 

Aug 26.  Fraser Valley to Calgary
Aug 27.  Return                



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