Your horse must travel in a stall that is suitable to his/her size, temperament and comfort level.  

I can offer single or California size  standing stalls as well as box stalls.  Your choice of large or small box stall.
Large boxes are a full 10 to 11.6 feet by 8.5

Rest breaks every 2 hours

Water and hay at all times

Closely monitored from the cab of the truck via CCTV 

Horses are unloaded every night during longer trips.  I will only use layover facilities that are reputable, spotless and meet with my high standards.   I've been using the same layover facilities along specific routes for 18 years.

I carry a list of Vet numbers with me along my routes so that I'm always prepared 

Owners receive an update of the condition of their horse and our location approximately every 4 hours